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One Piece Fanfic (Marco x Ace)

Just posting 2 fanfics I wrote on Marco x Ace from the One Piece series. I love this pair.

Part 1: 327 Days Later
Genre: Romance / Humor / Friendship
Summary: Ace is fascinated with the phoenix and dreams of traveling the skies with him.


Part 2: 359 Days Later
Genre: Romance / Humor / Friendship / Family
Summary: Ace is curious to know some things personal about the phoenix and gets advice from the wrong people.


Ikki x Shun x Hyoga

Below is a random prompt/story/short scene from a conversation with a friend. Just sharing with whoever's interested

Pair: Ikki x Shun x Hyoga
Series: Saint Seiya
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Comedy


It all started with the idea that ---- Wanting to get closer to Shun, Hyoga plans to get closer/better with Ikki;  start by getting along with his family =P ....which Ikki finds extremely strange/uncomfortable.

Ikki: ...are you trying to court my brother??
Hyoga: um... *blushes* yes, actually...
Ikki frowns/glares: well drop it. he's taken.
Hyoga: huh..? Wait, what? He is...? *heart drops heavy*
Ikki: yea, doin' you a favor. Not to burst your bubble but, best move on and find someone else.
Hyoga: but I’ve never heard-- ... well, who is it?
can imagine Ikki suddenly pauses to think lol
Ikki: I dunno. Every man's got his secrets.
Hyoga: ... :< .. but you’re sure he's taken...?
Ikki: YES.
Hyoga: ...I’ll ask him then. I just wanna make sure...
Ikki: no.
Hyoga: ...huh?
Ikki: don’t ask.
Hyoga: but... why? o_o
Ikki thinks: you might.... piss him off.
Hyoga: why...? I’ll be polite, I promise.
Ikki: it's a sensitive subject, Hyoga, one does not simply ASK about it
Hyoga: ... then what can I do to find out?
Ikki: don’t find out. trust me when I say he's taken. I’m his brother.
Hyoga: ... so you know who it is. ... it's someone we know isn't it?
Ikki: x_X;;;;;;; ...no. I dunno.

Turns out, Hyoga guesses that it's Shiryu, cos he's so sweet and nice like an Aiolia too so he suddenly got kinda sour of Shiryu and behaves a little cold to him and Shiryu is like "??? did I do something to him?"

He also finds himself upset at all the small things, like if Shun passes shoyu to Shiryu, he frowns. If Shun lends him a book, he also frowns. When Shiryu asks Shun for advice about Shunrei (the girl he 'likes' back home), Hyoga flips a table demanding how dare he blatantly cheats on Shun in his face when he already has him.

Shiryu: what are you talking about??
Hyoga: You KNOW what I’m talking about! you don’t know how lucky you are to have Shun and yet you’re still asking him about someone else ?? What kind of man does that to his boyfriend?!!?
Shiryu: wha...????
Shun: what..??? *but blushes anyway* Shiryu and me...?? Where did you get that idea..??
Hyoga: your brother told me.
Shun: my brother told you Shiryu and I are together...??
Hyoga: well... no, he said you’re... taken.
Shiryu: ... am I the only one who's lost here?
Shun: why would he say that?
Hyoga: cause... I asked...
Shiryu: oh. -_- (getting it now)
Shun: you asked him whether I was taken....?? but why?
Shiryu mentally facepalms.
Hyoga: well-- it doesn't matter. The point is, I can't accept you dating a guy who-- who double times you!
Shiryu: what? -_______-
Shun: We're not dating..!
Hyoga: but you are!
Shiryu: seriously, wait, why ME.
Hyoga: it HAS to be u. there're only the 5 of us and Seiya is clearly into Saori, so-- it's gotta be you
Shiryu is stunned, doesn't know what to make of it.
Shun: Hyoga, for the final time - we are NOT dating. You’ve misunderstood us.
Hyoga: if Shiryu's not it then who is it??
Shun: who is what...?
Hyoga: Who are you dating?? Who are you-- with..?
Shun: I'm not with anyone, Hyoga. Why do you insist on that?
Hyoga: so are you saying Ikki's lying?
Shun: lying about what? (Note: he can't really catch the whole story cos Hyoga's not telling all of it)
Hyoga: he said you’re taken, he said not to ask you about it cos it may piss you off, I know I’m asking you now, I’m sorry, but I really-- I really wanna know...
Shun: ... he said that...?
Shiryu's just looking back at forth between them wishing he's not here.
Shun: ... I’m sorry , Hyoga, my brother was lying.
Hyoga: ...what??
Shun: I don't know why he said that to you but it's not true
Hyoga: wait... what part of it is not true? The part that you might get pissed or..???
Shun: i'm not dating anyone, not Shiryu, not…anyone! Does that answer everything?
Hyoga: so... y-you’re.... single...?
Shun: yes I am... *feels awkward saying it out loud lol*
Hyoga: oh............ *suddenly feels damn embarrassed*
Shiryu: I’m sorry to interrupt... May I ... leave you two alone?
Shun: oh... of course...
Hyoga: sorry about the uh... misunderstanding... *looks down, still embarrassed

And so Shiryu leaves the scene, much to his relief. And then there’s a moment of awkwardness/silence between the remaining two… until Shun starts a question again.

Shun: Were you asking my brother about me?
Hyoga: yes-- I mean, no! I was-wasn't asking him about ... you in particular. We were just-- hanging out.
Shun: my brother is a lot of things but he's normally not a liar. I’m sorry he confused you ... I’ll clear this up with him to avoid further misunderstandings.
Hyoga: no! it's okay, I’m cool now, I swear. >//<
Shun: ...you seemed very upset when you thought Shiryu was cheating on me...  um... thanks for your concern.
Hyoga: oh... >//< uh... well...  I didn't want you to get hurt... though... of course... now  I know that didn't happen...

Few hours later in a different scene…

Shun: Niisan, why did you lie to Hyoga about me?
Ikki: huh? What’d I lie about =/
Shun: ... you told him I was taken.
Ikki: well you are. ... as far as he's concerned.
Shun: what does that mean o_o
Ikki: it means you’re virtually taken.
Shun: okay... by who?
Ikki: Imaginary person. Whoever. point is, I won't approve of you with him. or him with you.
Shun: but he hasn't even said anything. o_o
Ikki: he implied it.
Shun: Implying is not saying it.
Ikki: All the same. I just want him to know in advance so he can save his time and effort - he should thank me for that -- that he's not allowed to touch my brother. Period.
Shun: o_o you can't be answering on my behalf.
Ikki: no, I’m answering as your *brother*.
Shun: but this is personal...
Ikki: Indeed, personal to me as well.
Shun: ...Niisan....
Ikki is still obstinate.
Shun: ...Are you interested in Hyoga...?
Ikki spurts coffee out of his nose
Ikki: what the--!?!?! *cough cough from that spurting*
Shun: Niisan, pls tell me the truth, I promise it’ll be just between us.
Ikki: HELL NO, Shun! That guy's a wuss, he's wishy-washy, indecisive, and unreliable. How can I leave my preciou---- *cough cough* to someone like that??
Shun: That's not true. He may be a little clumsy but he's not how you put it. =( He's our friend, please don't be rude to him...
Ikki feels guilty about over saying it.
Ikki: sorry.... I didn't mean to insult him...
Shun: I know.
Ikki: .... so... you like him?
Shun: I do.
Ikki: ...oh.....
Shun: he's a dear friend. And I’d like to keep it that way.
Ikki: ...........oh........
Ikki: then..... what happens next?
Shun: if he has feelings for me and confesses to me, I’ll handle it.
Ikki: Handle it.. how?
Shun: I’ll reject him, nicely.
Ikki: well, see, it would have been a lot easier for him if he'd just listen to me, right?
Shun: No, it is still not right to lie, especially to a dear friend.
Ikki: It's a white lie.
Shun: It almost dragged Shiryu into this.
Ikki: Wow, what? How'd that..?
Shun: You knew he'd never have guessed it to be you...
Ikki: ..... ..

*Conversation ended there so sorry there isn’t a proper ending ^^;* I enjoyed the bits while it lasted. XD

Fili/Kili fanfic - Pillow in the Library

I realize I totally forgot to post this here after over a year... but... better late than never! Written during my fatally hobbit-induced phase back in December 2012.


Summary: Fili spends some time alone reading in their library while Kili insists on distracting him...
Pair/Ship: Fili/Kili
Series: Hobbit (movieverse)
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Words: 1700+

Piers Nivans meets male Shepard in heaven

This is a spontaneously written cross-over scenario between characters Piers Nivans (Resident evil 6) and male Shepard (Mass Effect). The two meet in heaven and discuss about their respective demise. Warning, some gayness ensues. Best if you’ve seen this popular ME3 parody, and if you know some RE6 melee terms: Gamer Poop - Mass Effect #1 


Shepard: Damn those stingy Bioware and EA bastards! How could they cut out on my insurance just because “Oh dev and production ended up costing too much”!

Piers: At least you lasted three full games…

Shepard: Damn truth. But I died once before.

Piers: And they brought you back. If only Capcom would do that for me.

Shepard: OK I gotta admit I’m grateful for that. At least I lasted 80 more gaming hours.

Piers: How'd you die?

Shepard: Saving a friend.

Piers raises and eyebrow: Oh? Is it  someone special...?

Shepard: Joker? LULz! Nah. he's a great guy, I love him, we all do, but not that way. No.

Piers: Oh. Wow. That's ... really noble of you.

Shepard: Yea? What ‘bout you?

Piers: Oh uh.. *scratches head sheepishly* Well... something similar I guess

Shepard raises an eyebrow and grins: Oooohhh? Someone speshul…??

Piers: I guess u can say that.... *ignores his own blush*

Shepard: Sweet. Did you guys bang before your mission?

Piers: WUT??? @//@

Shepard: You know, bang? *rocks his hips as demonstration*

Piers: I know "bang" but no! Jesus, why'd you ask that?

Shepard gasps: You mean you DON’T bang before EVERY suicidal mission..!??!?

Shepard is in shock: Wow... that's some epic loss.

Piers: Look, he doesn't know, alright?

Shepard spits batarian shard wine out of his nose: You died never telling him how you feel!???

Piers: He doesn't need to know. Heck, he could barely remember about himself. It’ll only make things worse and harder for us at the end if he knows.

Touched, Shepard covers his mouth wearing a look like he’s gonna cry: Damn hero....

Shepard: You deserve so much more, you know that?

Piers: Well I.... *looks sad, head hanging low*

Shepard puts an arm around him: Hey... it's alright.... we'll bang ok?


If Vergil Had The Deathnote...

A short silly little story/parody crossover between Devil May Cry and Deathnote.

Please note that the story was written spontaneously while chatting online with a friend, so please pardon the chat format. I wrote all of the story, though, so you can always skip my friend's replies/lines if you must, except for the first 6 lines that triggered the whole story. Thanks.

 Cat Wesker: If Vergil had the deathnote, he'd kill every human on earth.

Katana: Even dante?

 Cat Wesker: Dante is half demon . if he kills him he might as well kill himself.

 Katana: The Shinigami would be like Dude...you gotta slow down...we're running out of paper

 Katana: Besides, the Death Note automatically refills its pages...so he can't run out

 Cat Wesker: hahahaha

 Cat Wesker: Vergil would write in the smallest text ever

 Cat Wesker: ahahaha serious? XD

 Katana: LOL jeez

 Katana: But....if everyone is dead...then what will he do then

 Cat Wesker: he didn't think that far.

 Katana: I think while Dante is having sex with a girl the girl dies...and Dante is like...WOAH I’m so fucking good


 Cat Wesker: ahahahahaha

 Cat Wesker: Dante barges into Vergil's room nekkid: hey bro, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED??? i just fucked a girl to death!!! OMG?!

Katana: Vergil: O_O OMG DANTE! *covers eyes*

 Cat Wesker: Dante looks down at his own manhood: Ah shit... i fucked her but I’m not done yet.... *stares at Vergil* .... u are now responsible for this, bro.

 Katana: LOL

 Katana: OMFG

 Katana: !!!


 Katana: Ur crazy CaT

 Cat Wesker:

 Katana: But this would sound like a great plot for a gay porn film

 Katana: starring the both of them---Hey wait...i got it. They can be twin porn stars

 Cat Wesker: of cos. i , master of yaoi, always comes up with the best plots

 Katana: so....what happens then? *eats popcorn*

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: i didn't do nothing.

 Cat Wesker: Dante: ooooh i know what u do with that wicked little notebook of yours. I’m not your twin for nothing


 Katana: LOL

 Cat Wesker: XD telepathy?

 Katana: yep

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: then what makes u think i won’t write your name down now?

 Katana: So he also must know that Vergil has sex dreams of hiim

 Cat Wesker: Dante: because you love me, and i can jump you faster than u can write my name.

 Katana: *cues the porn music...boom chika wow wow*

 Cat Wesker: mwahahhaa

 Cat Wesker: Sparda in the heavens thinks: it begins....

  Katana: Ok...what happens then? *its getting good*

  Cat Wesker: Dante: how bout we make a deal?

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: what's in it for me?

 Cat Wesker: Dante: if you can write my name before i jump you, i'll move out of this place and never bother u again. but if i jump u before u can do it, you gotta have sex with me every night for the next 365 days.

 Katana: Wow...that's extremely hardcore

 Cat Wesker: almost immediately, Vergil: I’m in.

 Katana: lol

 Cat Wesker: and then he jumps out of the window in front of him

 Katana: Vergil's a whore

 Cat Wesker: and landed outside the apartment on ground floor (they stay on the 4th floor or something)

 Katana: LOL

 Katana: Clever as a fox Vergil is

 Cat Wesker: Dante: no no yer not getting away.

 Cat Wesker: he picks up Vergil's teddy bear, infuses it with some devil trigger and throws it at Vergil's who's frantically writing "D" on the notebook right after getting up on his feet

 Cat Wesker: It hits his head and the pen he's holding flies off and gets run over by a car.

 Katana: Didn't know Dante could transfer his power

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: Grrr!! dammit!

 Katana: Remember...that Raito uses blood sumtimes to write names

 Cat Wesker: Dante jumps out of the window and tries to run after Vergil

 Cat Wesker: yeah but he has to cut himself with something first -_-

 Katana: teeth

 Katana: or his spikey hair LOL

 Cat Wesker: Dante was on his tail, so he had to run first

 Katana: Dante's outside naked running after his twin brother....people must think he's high on crack or sumthing

 Cat Wesker: hahaha




 Katana: U forgot that huh

 Cat Wesker: nvm it makes it more hilarious

 Katana: When does Vergil get naked already

 Cat Wesker: and so Vergil runs off while thinking of where he can get another pen. He didn't think of cutting himself and using his blood cos it's hard to think fast when Dante's barely a few feet away

 Cat Wesker: Dante tries to do a soccer slide on him but Vergil jumps in time, except the book slips out of his hand

 Katana: Yeah...with Dante's cock bouncing up and down....Vergil must be traumatized

 Cat Wesker: ahahhahHAHAHAHA YAAA

 Cat Wesker: Dante: aha! *jumps after the book and catches it*

 Cat Wesker: Dante: you los--

 Cat Wesker: then he tasted a bench slamming against his face

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: MINE! *runs after the book that flies out of Dante's hands*

 Cat Wesker: Dante falls face flat onto the ground, little chirping birds flying around his head and his ass publicly spread to the public

 Cat Wesker: 2 seconds later he hears the police behind him.

 Katana: LOL

 Cat Wesker: waking up immediately, he sees Vergil sprinting off to a nearby bookstore

 Cat Wesker: he gets up immediately and proceeds to chase after him, stealing a kid's skateboard along the way

 Cat Wesker: Vergil enters the bookstore and immediately grabs a pen on the cashier's table and starts writing

 Katana: What is the Shinigami doing while this is happening?

 Cat Wesker: Dante catches up fast and is preparing to jump onto Vergil after crashing thru the glass door when Vergil air tricks away to a corner,

 Cat Wesker: and Dante crashes against the bookshelves.

 Katana: Ok....a bloodied up naked Dante is no longer sexy but crazy looking...not he definitely looks like a crack addict

 Cat Wesker: Vergil hastily tries to finish the last alphabet "E" when Dante activates quiksilver

 Cat Wesker: he runs and leaps on Vergil just as Vergil finishes writing "e" and then quiksilver deactivates

 Cat Wesker: Dante: GOTCHA!

 Cat Wesker: both of them slide and hit the wall

 Cat Wesker: Dante: mwahahahahaha!!! you LOSE!

 Cat Wesker: Vergil turns the book around and shows Dante the page with his name: no YOU lose.

 Katana: PWNED

 Cat Wesker: Dante: oh fuck no way, another draw??


 Cat Wesker: Vergil: now get your throbbing cock off me.

 Katana: lol

 Cat Wesker: but then they hear sirens and stuff nearby: put your hands up in the air!

 Katana: Can't believe Dante still has a hard on

 Cat Wesker: Dante looks up to see a strong light shining at them, it's the police. there're bout 5 police cars and 20 or so cops with their guns ready

 Cat Wesker: Vergil & Dante: Auw shit...

 Cat Wesker: "you are under arrest for a shitload of insane and perverted acts!" is what they last heard before they were taken to the police station

 Cat Wesker: Dante while handcuffed: it's all your fault.

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: pfft.

 Cat Wesker: Dante: if you'd just let me fuck u we wouldn't have to end up like this.

 Katana: LOL

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: speaking of which you're supposed to die. i wrote your bloody name in the book. Why didn't u die?? <I couldn't care less if u move out, we know you'd move back in 2 hours.>

 Katana: They'll probably tazer Dante cause he's acting like a complete lunatic

 Cat Wesker: (hahahaha i know eeeh hahaha)

 Cat Wesker: Dante: mwahahha, it's a secret.

 Katana: He did a Near move didn't he

 Cat Wesker: so when they're finally released, which is like a week later cos Lady was almost too lazy to bail them out,

 Katana: Why would she bail Vergil out

 Cat Wesker: Vergil got his lawyer friends to find out if Dante had changed his name

 Katana: lol

 Cat Wesker: and he found out he did. He was planning to immediately write it down before Dante gets the chance to jump him again but he didn't have the heart to this time.

 Cat Wesker: Dante: Wanna know my new name?

 Cat Wesker: lady: not really.

 Cat Wesker: Dante: Dante Loves Vergil.

 Cat Wesker: lady siiigggghsssssssss: Whatever.

 Cat Wesker: -- the end --

 Katana: LOL

 Katana: Imagine if he goes to get a Driver's License....Name please...Dante Love Vergil

 Katana: O_o

-- The End --

DMC5 - Passion of Sparda

A short silly little story/parody of Sparda in DMC5 (that doesn't exist yet). It explains how he started rebelling against Mundus, how he met Eva, and what happened after the twins were born. (All of which are questions fans of the series have wondered about for years)

Please note that the story was written spontaneously while chatting online with a friend, so please pardon the chat format. I wrote all of the story, though, so you can always skip my friend's replies/lines if you must. Thanks.

Cat Wesker: Sparda was 15 that year and playing with his yoyo while watching his favorite Korean drama on TV when he heard the announcement from the lord Mundus himself that he planned to attack and rule the human world in a week's time, because he suddenly felt like it.

 Katana: lol

 Cat Wesker: Sparda was shocked, and afraid. <What'd happen to my drama?!?! It’s not over yet!!! Noooooo!!! My Lee Byung Hun!!!! I have to see the finale!!!> [FYI, Lee Byung Hun is my current love thanks to the movie GI JOE, so watch it if you haven't! =D]

 Cat Wesker: Though he was 15 years old, he was very mature and knew how to keep a formal front.

 Cat Wesker: He met up with Mundus that night and requested politely if Mundus could delay the attack to, say, 3 months later cause he really wanted to watch the finale for his drama.

 Katana: Wow..this is far out on so many levels

 Cat Wesker: Mundus was disgusted. He couldn't believe one of his high generals would ask him of such a fucking gay favor.

 Katana: This is fantastic

 Cat Wesker: thank u

 Katana: Kobayashi couldn't think of stuff like this if he tried

 Cat Wesker: yeah.

 Katana: Devil May Cry 5: The Hunt for the Mysterious Yo-Yo

 Cat Wesker: So anyway, Sparda pleaded with Mundus, telling him the series was really important to him and he had planned to go to the human world for one of Lee Byung Hun's hand-shake fan conference or something and he didn’t want them to die... just yet anyway

 Cat Wesker: Mundus felt ridiculed, he was not happy that his underling had the guts to tell him what to do, so he was like "Huh! If you're so desperate, I will bring forward the attack 3 days! Wahahahaa! say good bye to your ugly gay Lee Byung Hun."

 Cat Wesker: oh MY G.O.D.

 Cat Wesker: Sparda snapped.


 Cat Wesker: He couldn't accept the insult.

 Cat Wesker: He got sooooo enraged that even his DT changed form.

 Cat Wesker: It looked more adult than the 15 year old demon he should be.

 Katana: trippy

 Cat Wesker: Mundus called upon his other generals and warriors to fight this traitor and so Sparda fought with all his might.

 Cat Wesker: His passion for Lee Byung Hun and the series was his victory factor

 Cat Wesker: and then he sealed the gateway between the two worlds to make sure Mundus and his assholes couldn't get his hands on the human world.

 Cat Wesker: so after he sealed the gateway, he ended up having to stay in the human word. When he turned from DT to human form he realized hey he didn’t look 15 anymore. Maybe the anger changed him.

 Cat Wesker: He didn't quite know where he was too cause he was like... well he didn't study earth geography and shit

 Cat Wesker: but he wanted to go to Korea wherever that was for obvious reasons

 Cat Wesker: so he was like randomly asking people on the streets "How can I get to Korea please? I’d like to meet with Lee Byung Hun."

 Cat Wesker: After asking a million people, a lady he didn't ask heard him mention the dude's name and perked "Did u say Lee Byung Hun?"

 Cat Wesker: Sparda's eyes sparked with stars and hope, "Yesss!!! You his fan too!??!"

 Cat Wesker: Eva: ^_^ I used to work in Korea for 3 years as an English teacher. He was my neighbor.

 Katana: LOL

 Katana: Jeez, CaT you're really getting into this

 Cat Wesker: hahahahaaaa!!! what do u expect? i am god!

 Cat Wesker: So Sparda made his first friend in the human world and they both geek’ed about the man

 Cat Wesker: and before they knew it, they fell in love with each other.

 Cat Wesker: and so they had twins and both were very happy about their family.

 Cat Wesker: they got settled and all, happy, peaceful, everything they could ever ask for. Well we'll skip the part where Eva was almost traumatized to find out she's having sex with a demon during climax cause Sparda couldn’t help devil triggering.

 Cat Wesker: but 4 years later or so Sparda started feeling a little depressed.

 Cat Wesker: Eva could see that in him and knew what he was missing, so she told him "Go, go ahead and fly to Korea.  Go have fun and we'll wait for u to return."

 Cat Wesker: Sparda was so touched Eva knew what he was thinking.

 Katana: Awww

 Katana: how touching

 Cat Wesker: Mind you he was living a very happy and contented life, but he felt like he was missing something in his life cause he's never had the chance to meet Lee Byung Hun in person and ask for a handshake and autograph just as he had dreamt of when he was younger back in hell.

 Katana: Jeez, Korean programming goes even to Hell

 Cat Wesker: hahahahaa!!! hell has their own cable TV

 Katana: I wonder what there sex channel is called....anyway, continue

 Cat Wesker: Sparda wanted to bring the whole family but he knew he couldn't afford all four of them cause he didn't earn much cause I mean c'mon he's not even from earth, what can he do as a career? So he promised he'll be back soon, along with a lot of fun stories to tell

 Cat Wesker: So he left, with 4 year old Dante and Vergil and their mom waving goodbye to him at the airport.

 Katana: Awww

 Cat Wesker: But he never came back.

 Katana: Vergil thinks "I can't believe Dad is doing this"

 Cat Wesker: No one knew what happened. There was no news whatsoever, and Eva didn't know what happened, but she believed the promise that he would return.

 Cat Wesker: But after 10 years Eva accepted the fact that he's no longer coming back

 Cat Wesker: Maybe he met an accident, maybe he found someone else there, no one would know, but it was obvious she was hurting even though she put up a strong front, and Vergil wasn't happy about that.

 Katana: Awww

 Cat Wesker: Vergil couldn't believe dad betrayed them. He believed dad's prolly still hanging around in Korea kyaa'ing over some stupid slit eyed Asian freak.

 Katana: LOL

 Cat Wesker: He wanted to fly to Korea and kick dad's ass but they ain't got no money.

 Cat Wesker: Dad kinda took most of the savings they had already. Bastard.

 Cat Wesker: Dante tried to cool Vergil down telling him that if that's what dad wanted they should let him be cause dragging him back wouldn't help things.

 Cat Wesker: But Vergil was pissed.

 Cat Wesker: "Money... I need more money....!!"

 Katana: lol

 Cat Wesker: And so Vergil worked his ass off from some unknown dude to some CEO of some great greatness.

 Cat Wesker: Their office building was called the Temen Ni Gru >:3

 Katana: lol

 Cat Wesker: So now he's got money and he told mom and Dante that they could all go to Korea now and kick dad's sorry butt.

 Katana: Dante is thinking "i can't believe my brother is doing this"

 Cat Wesker: hahahaha!!!

 Cat Wesker: Eva didn't want to go because she had decided to let the past go.

 Katana: Awww

 Cat Wesker: And since mommy's not going Dante said he'd stay back with her so she's not alone.

 Cat Wesker: So Vergil was like FINE, I’LL go.

 Cat Wesker: So he went there.

 Cat Wesker: Spent a lot of money trying to find the guy.

 Cat Wesker: And after a few months he DID end up finding him.

 Cat Wesker: In North Korea.

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: ....The fawk?!

 Cat Wesker: Sparda: T_____T!!! Son!!!! Save meeeee!!!

 Cat Wesker: Vergil: What the fuck happened?! Why are you here!? Why are you dressed like a slave?! Why do you look retarded???!

 Katana: Again with the echo huh. Definitely a Capcom character

 Cat Wesker: Turned out, Sparda was touring Korea when he accidentally stepped past the North-South Korea border

 Katana: OH SHIT!

 Cat Wesker: and he was immediately sniped in the head, like 6 times.

 Katana: LOL

 Cat Wesker: but because he wouldn't die, I mean he can't anyway, not from gun shots,

 Cat Wesker: he revived and the North Koreans were like OMFGWTFKOREANBBQ?!!

 Cat Wesker: They took him in and imprisoned him, as well as experimented on his immortality.

 Katana: Poor Sparda

 Cat Wesker: So Vergil was like HOLY SHIT.... and got mad, but he couldn't help but whack his dad in the face before that for being so stupid as to pass the border like a dumbass.

 Katana: I guess Dante definitely inherited the dumbass gene from him not Eva

 Cat Wesker: hahahahha yes! hahahaha

 Cat Wesker: And after that Vergil bribed North Korea with a lot of money and bailed his father out. Before they flew back home though, Sparda managed to meet with his idol (through Vergil's connections) and got a handshake, autograph and photo altogether. He was so happy he cried a river. :') Poor dude finally fulfilled his wish... Auw....

 Cat Wesker: They returned back home soon after that (where is home btw? USA? London?)

 Cat Wesker: and Eva burst in tears upon seeing Sparda

 Katana: I don't know

 Katana: Awww

 Cat Wesker: while Dante burst in tears upon seeing Vergil XD

 Katana: LOL

 Cat Wesker: Dante: OMG!! You did it!!! You’re... You're...!! OMG!! VERGIL!!! I MISSED YOUUU!!!!

 Katana: LOL

 Katana: Awww

 Cat Wesker: and so they lived happily ever after... until one day Dante announced to the family during dinner that he has found THE ONE in his life and proposed to Vergil on the spot.

 Katana: lol

 Katana: Uh...k

 Cat Wesker: Eva turned into stone while Sparda spurt soup out of his nose

 Cat Wesker: but that's another DMC side story.

 Cat Wesker: -- The end --

 Katana: *claps*

 Katana: lol wow you really....wow...im lost for words

 Cat Wesker: hahaha XD

 Cat Wesker: hehehe man i'm pleaased with this story myself

 Katana: I thought Hunnie would do a Bill Clinton move and try to tell the Dictator Kim Yung Ill to release Sparda

 Cat Wesker: hunnie is just an actor...

 Cat Wesker: and Sparda does not have any nationality...

 Cat Wesker: he's not a citizen of any country >_>;

 Katana: lol

 Katana: illegal alien

 Cat Wesker: yes lol

 Katana: I stll prefer your other story. with Vergil and the Death Note

 Cat Wesker: man i swear i need to post this on my blog lol

 Cat Wesker: hahahaha u like it cos of the image of dante running around the city nekkid with his hard on bouncing up and down

 Katana: lol

 Katana: yeah

 Katana: wats wrong with that?

 Cat Wesker: no, it's perfect >:3

 Katana: yep

-- The End --

Random Luffy x Ace script~

Just something I randomly wrote at work while daydreaming of Luffy x Ace. XD~

Genre: Yaoi / Shounen-ai / Comedy


Japanese (original) version:

ルフィー:いいじゃん、別に~ (抱きつく)
ルフィー:なぁ エース~ (顔をあげる)
エース:あぁ もうつきあってられん!離せ、このバカ弟!
ルフィー:いやぁ~ そういうことならよ、ええと・・・
ルフィー:あははは!まぁ~ そういうなよ~ やらせてよ~
ルフィー:おう!ゴム悪魔だ! (手は既にパンツの中・・・www)
ゾロ:何騒いでんだ 外?



Two Hours After Reuniting

English (translated) version:
(The characters' personality and nuance don't show as well as the Japanese version)

Ace: Baka, don't get too close. What'd happen if your crew sees us?
Luffy: I don't really care~ (Hugs him)
Ace: Stop it!
Luffy: Hey Ace. (Looks up at him)
Ace: ...What? (Anticipates)
Luffy: I wanna DO it right now~~
Ace: Wha--? The hell are you saying, pervert! (Face turns red)
Luffy:  Caaause~! It's been 3 years! I can't hold it any longer~!
Ace: (Still red) If you want it that badly go do it yourself! (Struggles)
Luffy: No wai! I want to do YOU!
Ace: @_@! Don't say those things out loud!
Luffy: Why not? I mean it.
Ace: Ahh, I can't keep up with this! Just let go, you idiot of a brother!
Luffy: I dun wanna.
Ace: I mean think about it! Why am *I* always bottom?!
Luffy: Oh... Is that what this is about? You don't like being bottom, Ace?
Ace: Of course NOT!
Luffy: Ahahaha! I see I see! So that's it right?
Ace: What are you laughing about?
Luffy: Well, if that's the case...
Ace: ......? (Awaiting an answer)
Luffy: Sorry. (Bows) I really only wanna be top.
Ace: That's just being selfish!
Luffy: Ahahaha! C'mon~ Don't say that~ Let me do you, please~?
Ace: That's it! You're a demon!
Luffy: Yup! I am a rubber demon! (His hands are already in Ace's pants... LOL)
Ace: I said STOP IT!!
Zoro: What's with the ruckus outside?
Sanji: Don't interrupt their romance, stupid.
Nami: Uh huh. It's been 3 years after all.
Zoro: Huh? What are you talking about?
Usopp: Uh... I have a feeling those who don't understand better not understand...

-- The End --

スラムダンク同人誌: Nones

Another Mitsui x Miyagi yaoi/shounen ai scanlation. =)
This one's ultra short, but I love it anyway. T__T It's so simple and angsty at the same time it makes my fangirl heart cry. And oh, sorry I've not scanlated for a while, I've been busy doing my own stuff... @_@

Series: Slam Dunk
Pairing: Mitsui x Miyagi
By: 宮本佳野 (Miyamoto Kano)
Scanlated by: Cat Wesker (me)


Another Mito x Sakuragi yaoi/shounen ai scanlation. =)
I dunno why but it seems that most of the good/passable stories in my Slam Dunk anthologies are mostly on these two. It's a coincidence, of course, but sometimes I wonder why that is =P Mind you, I like this pairing a lot (especially since I'm not too fond of Ruhana.) Anyway, enjoy.

50 Ways to Love

Series: Slam Dunk
Pairing: Mito x Sakuragi
By: 高野宮子 (Takano Miyako)
Scanlated by: Cat Wesker (me)


スラムダンク同人誌 : 心眼

A Mito x Sakuragi yaoi/shounen ai scanlation I finished today.
This will be the first time I'm posting my scanlation on LJ before anyone else =P

Heart Eyes

Series: Slam Dunk
Pairing: Mito x Sakuragi
By: ぷにこ (Puniko)
Scanlated by: Cat Wesker (me)


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